2 B o Y s + 1 G i R l

This family session was a little different than traditional C A P T U R E D sessions.  Regular sessions last up to 2 hours to include time for a wide variety of photographs highlighting many aspects of family life from formal to informal lifestyle recordings.  Only a small fraction of the photos from these sessions are represented in the blogs on the C A P T U R E D website, giving the families a wide array to choose from when creating collections for their walls. 


This session lasted just under a half an hour as a trial run for possible fall family mini session offerings leading up to Christmas craziness when time is at a premium and everyone's clamoring for a Christmas card shot.   It was cool to see what we could C A P T U R E for this awesome family in a shorter session!  

untitled (246 of 1).jpg

I've seen Dad carry his boys like this several times over the years and it's always cracked me up.  Dad's realizes his boys are no delicate tea cups!  Dad's ability to do this will be drawing to a close soon; before he blinks those boys will be towering over him!  Another little reminder that while at times days feel eternal with children, the years will always fly by! 


Dad took charge over an amazing transformation of this family home with a big addition project completed in just 2 months before they moved in!  As I watched Mom and Dad snuggle in on this glider, I could tell many memories have been here along with vision casting for their future together.  What a great spot for decompression from the day! 


Timing for this family session certainly was laced with a little craziness.  Our first session was a rain out, 2nd was canceled because of an emergency room visit for stitches and finally the third time was the charm!  Timing was perfect for Mom though who has gone an amazing transformation over the last 4 months.  She has lost over 50 pounds and has decided to share her great experience, combined with her nursing training, to help others achieve similar weight loss in a healthy way with a clinic she is starting called Weigh4Life.  She still has to do double takes in the mirror with a 'is that me??!!!'   You go girl!   


Boys will be boys and as a mother of three I know this is the kind of moment that is all boy!  Brothers simply have to be physical with one another pretty much all the time.


L O V E this moment! 


Mom and Dad have realized the importance of making time for the two of them which comes at a premium with three little kids in the picture.  They've realized that making excuses just doesn't get the job done, making it happen does.  Dad was a big fan of all the kissing shots and joked that they should get family portraits on the schedule more often!


Mom and Dad have seen the benefits reaped from working to grow their marraige and know that a strong foundation doesn't happen by accident.  They've stepped into the lives of other young couples to help them build godly foundations into their marriages that will last a lifetime.  They know these deposits will yield eternal rewards and encourage others as they link arms to shore up strength in marriages.


Dad says they are never moving; I think he's always going to remember the 2 months of work that went into an addition that could have easily taken 6 months to complete.  Enjoy the next 50 years on this swing and the time in between making memories to fill a lifetime of conversations!