L a N d O n

The Facebook competition for his name waged strong for several days....Landon was the name Mindy & Joe finally landed on for their precious baby boy.   I love the name for its strength and for the images it brings to mind of Michael Landon's role as the father we all wished we had on Little House on the Prairie.   Maybe this is why this gorgeous field of grain pulled so hard at my hearts strings for this shoot...

 This moment makes me want to put it in a bottle and store it forever!

I taught Mindy many years ago when she was a student at Liberty High School.  When she contacted me for a maternity session I distinctly remembered her for her caring personality and the hard work she brought to her studies.  She was fascinated by Psychology and today volunteers with women of domestic abuse. 


Mindy and Joe's love story is the story of one very patient man who cared for one very strong willed woman who feared settling down.  Joe was the always the kind of friend to Mindy that everyone would be blessed to have in their lives.  The kind of friend who could always be counted on to look out for your best and help quietly steer you towards better for your life.  It took Mindy a while to realize the safety and joy that could be found in committing to this kind of love but now that she has, she realizes her life will be better than she could have ever imagined.

Love these quiet moments radiating with maternal beauty and a life nestled safely inside a mother who loves him with all her heart already!


Best wishes Joe and Mindy---I can't wait to meet this little Landon who is blessed to be born to parents who love him so much already!