M o M s ~ S u P e R b O w L

West Virginia University is where their love story began and today they’ve created a sweet life for themselves and their two boys in Maryland.  


It was obvious to me that Bill and Hope have made a very conscious decision to invest in the lives of their boys with the things that matter most in life.   They have realized that raising young men they will be proud to call their sons requires a vestedness in this parenting adventure partnered with God.  They even deposited lessons into their boys throughout our time together, evidence that all times are teachable ones when you have children. 


Little boys don’t tend to be big fans of portrait sessions (for that matter, neither do big ones!) and Eli and Luke were skeptical that this session would be any different from ones they’d buckled down for in the past.  It was a delight to see their joy when they realized they really did get to play throughout our session and that I actually encouraged it. 


I’ve found allowing kids to be kids produces memorable moments between family members which in turn produces the smiles that melt our hearts.  This is how Hope wants to rememer her boys at this age.  These photos will take her back fondly to her times at the playground with her boys while she and Bill reminisece in their rockers at the retirement home 50 years from now!  


Getting boys to talk about girls tends to bring out some pretty strong emotions too.  Eli had me cracking up when he informed me with as much non-chalance as a ten year old could muster, “I’ve already been on a date.”   Laughing, I asked, ‘What---where’d you take her to the cafeteria and buy her an ice-cream?’  Eli’s responded with a grin that’s sure to break many hearts in the future, ‘yup, I did.’


It was sweet to see how Dad had prepared his boys for the significance of this day to Mom.  He reminded them that this session was ‘Mom’s Superbowl’ which they clearly understood the intent behind.   Hope has a passion for photography and the story photos can tell.  She learned about C A P T U R E D through a friend, Kathi Roach, whose pictures told a story that drew her in.  When a fellow photography lover hires me, it speaks volumes.     


Cannot even tell you how much I L O V E this photo!!!  Such a Casablanca kind of moment! 


Luke was playful and energetic through our time together and several times ran over to help me pull my ladder kart of supplies.   I told him his helpful little spirit reminded me of my William who also jumps in to help without being asked.  At the end of the session I asked the boys, ‘that wasn’t so painful, was it?’    Luke’s response---‘That was AWESOME” as he jumped in excitement!  That made my day!