s P i R a L

 SPECIAL EDITION:  ROUND 2---it looks like it might be 2 weeks before our schedules are going to match up for Jocyeln and her family to view her gallery and since that's going to feel like an eternity to her I figured I'd present a special 2nd round of photos to help tide her over!  Enjoy! ;)


I’ve seen the return of the 80’s clothing I grew up with for quite some time now.   Seems everywhere you look the neon spatters and baggy shirts catch your eyes bringing back teen memories to us 30/40 somethings!   This day I learned that spiral perms have also made a come back from this beautiful 12 year old fashionista, Jocelyn.   


Jocelyn gorgeous new spiral perm brought back memories of me rolling my own spiral perm at home as a teen ager unable to fork over the $150 it would cost to spiral waist long hair.  Let’s just say her gorgeous locks were a mass of springy coils--exactly like a spiral perm should be, mine…not so much!


Jocelyn aspires to be a model, which was such a delight from my end to photograph.  While most people have to be coaxed in front of the lens, Jocelyn just went into performance mode and did her thing!  She was relaxed and at ease through our whole session as we tromped through downtown Westminster.


Performing is nothing new for Jocelyn as she’s been dancing for practically her whole life.   She loves dancing, singing and acting.  She’s following in her mom’s footsteps with the love of dance.  Her mom, Stephanie, owns the Carroll County School for the Performing Arts dance studio located behind the Express Care clinic right on 140 in Westminster.  Stephanie started dancing when she was 3 and has never stopped.  Today she shares that passion with her daughter, which is a really cool bond to see between a mother and daughter. 


Jocelyn cracked me up when at one point I suggested “little grin’.  Noticing the somber face I saw on her, I thought, maybe she didn’t hear me.  So I prompted her again.  She said, ‘grin, oh I thought you said ‘little grim.’  She was happy to oblige regardless of whether it was grim or grin! 


Jocelyn’s portrait session was actually a birthday gift from her mom.  Stephanie won the free portrait session from a FB business page promotion I ran.  She threw her hat into the ring figuring she had just as good a chance to win as anyone else with her 2 random responses on the thread.   Of course no one knew the lucky number I’d picked.   People just started responding to the thread hoping they’d land on the lucky number.  Stephanie’s 2nd response, which was #26, was the magic number that won her the session.  


It was great working with you guys!  Best wishes making your dreams a reality as you dance your hearts out!