M o H a W k

This maternity session was a family affair.  Mom + husband + one adorable 2 year old sporting a mohawk + grandmom to help!  


It was a delight to work with Katie and her growing little family.  This was the first time I met Katie so her auburn hair was an added bonus for me to photograph against the green summer grasses----love the beauty of this contrast!


Tim and Katie have been married for four years and are welcoming their second child.   Tim is former military and served two terms in Iraq.   The second time he was called up he had only been dating Katie for 6 months.   Not too many 6-month-old relationships would withstand a year long separation.   But this one was different.  That 6 months had started growing something between the two of them that was worth holding onto.   Continents cannot squelch true love!


Tim has never been a fan of the photo sessions that Katie has desired over the years for their family.   (Not sure that I’ve met a husband who was!)  However, he took care of all the correspondence and details leading up to the day of the session.  It was pretty clear that this was an act of devotion to Katie.  I’ve often joked that if it were up to the men in our lives to be in charge of family photographs there’d be an average of 20 photos per family (half those would be of cars!).

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Logan is 2 and that means he is wide eyed with wonder at the world around him.  Trying to keep  2 year old boys in place for more than 3 seconds ranks right up there with the parting of the Red Sea.  Barring miraculous involvement, it just doesn’t happen.  So, I chase little boys around playing my own version of ‘the Stinky Cheese Man’ game, herding them like a border collie back towards their parents.   They laugh and gently get steered back to where we need them, for a few seconds anyway!  Good work out for me to make up for all the rest of the hours of sitting this job entails! 


Katie’s allegiance falls to the Ravens and Tim’s falls to the other team pictured in these photos ;). She begrudgingly adorned the Patriots jersey for him because she loves him….just like he organizes photo sessions for her.  That’s the teamwork of marriage---the beautiful art of compromise.  Tim and Katie have realized honoring what each other holds dear to their heart translates to honoring their spouse.    When Tim and Katie are sitting in their rockers on the front porch 50 years from now, flipping through the life they’ve created in photographs, I have a feeling he’s going to thank her! 


 (Tim's expression is just one reason in a zillion why it's great to have your love recorded!)


Keep your eye out for this little sweet pea's arrival in an upcoming blog!   I’m hoping she has Katie’s auburn hair!!! 


 telling your story in a storyboard....

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