Look who has turned 2!  She's full of sugar and spice and a healthy dose of spunk to keep up with her twin big sisters!  Her smile lights up the room around her and there's never a dull moment around her house! 



I met Anna-Claire two years ago for her newborn portraits.   Time stops for no man and she's got a lot exploring ahead of her to do.  Watching her delight at every new thing she discovers is a joy!


I have been a lover of art my whole life.  Portrait work has become my median to create pieces that come to mind during sessions.  As Anna-Claire sat here (for about 3 seconds) I had images of Mary Cassat running through my mind and wanted to create a bit of painted look to this.



While she's a precious little peanut in her gorgeous dress, make no mistake, she's tough as nails for all the bumps and bruises she encounters in her exuberant play!



It's always important to me to have portraits that show the bond between parent and child, especially for moms who sooo often are missing from the daily family pictures.  Imagine how Anna-Claire will cherish these when she is a mom herself one day!




Be still my heart birthday girl!!!