Baby Sarah is back for portraits with her mom!   You probably won't recognize her from her newborn session 9 months ago!  She's on the move now and eager to explore everything around her, especially if it's a ring mom is using to help guide her crawling toward the lens! 

How ironic that as I have recently launched a Couture Portraiture line, I would have a Baby Couture session so soon!  Amanda had her beloved wedding dress refashioned into a christening gown for Sarah and she knew she wanted to have this special creation preserved in portraits.   I'm pretty sure big tough Daddy's going to melt a little over these too!

Couture implies dress making and how awesome to have a dress share two such wonderful days in a woman's life!    Amanda and her little Peanut have many treasured moments to be shared waiting for them! 

I created oil painting effects to two of the mother daughter portraits which brought up thoughts of Mary Cassat's beautiful work to me as I created.