Happy 7 years

Jennifer knew the perfect way to celebrate her 7 year wedding anniversary...and so her Couture session plan was hatched! 


Blog followers might recognize Jennifer, as I photographed her oldest daughter's senior portrait session last summer.  Kayla is the awesome downtown ballerina leaping into the sky!  I joked with Jennifer that Kayla actually had a bit of Couture in her session long before I ever launched my Couture line.   I realized I've been doing a bit of Couture with many of my sessions for quite some time, which is what birthed the line this winter.  


I have so enjoyed getting to know the these women and their appreciation for portraiture and the arts!  I may be photographing Kayla in one of her future ballet performances!   Jennifer is already making mental plans for her next oldest daughter's senior portrait session and I'm just as eager as she is to see what we will create! 


Jennifer's session was completed two months prior to her anniversary, so she's been waiting on pins and needles to present her gift!   Anyone who has seen my newly created promotional trifold brochures may recognize Jennifer is on the front of two of the pieces. 


I didn't realize we still had so much time before her actual anniversary.  When I realized though, I didn't want to ruin the surprise and planned to pull her images from my brochure and replace them.   Jennifer was so honored to be on the brochure and thought it was unlikely the surprise would be blown, but hatched a plan to share the brochures with her husband and explain she was just 'helping me out modeling for a new line of portraits I was kicking off' so if anyone recognized her, her surprise wouldn't be ruined.   Her husband's reaction to the brochures was priceless.  He commented about how cool the brochure was and it took him about 30 seconds to realize it was his wife and then was in awe!   Unveiling your Cinderella--priceless!  May your next 7 years be filled with wonderful surprises!