The Miller's invited me out to their soon-to-be home, Pheasant Echo West.  I was there to capture just a bit of the excitement and anticipation they are brimming over with as they prepare to make this farm their new home.   They've been planning this new home for what some might say was the last two years...but in actuality has been in planning and dreaming their whole lives. 

Planning and construction to renovate the early 1800's home that sits on the property began about two years ago.  The Millers are hopeful to be moving in sometime in the next few months.  Great care and attention has been given to the process all along the way.  They are retaining several features of the original home, including an outdoor oven that will be on the inside of the home, while updating the home to make it a match for their family.  What drew them here?  The portrait below tells that story.  The farm in the distance is Tanya's parents farm, Pheasant Echo.  For a fisherman and hunter like CJ, the pond is what drew him.  That and his bride's dream of living on a farm near where she grew up.   Trinity, Atley, and Jaycey will all attend all the same schools Tanya did growing up...they will look out over the same fields she did dreaming of their futures....they will likely marry on this farm...their children will lay eyes on their first Holstein here..they will fish beside their grandpa...

Always, as long as they are willing, I will spend time with couples to celebrate the love that created the family we are standing time still with in portraits.  Their love is what gives birth to the families celebrated in my portrait sessions.  Tanya and CJ were happy to oblige and the excitement Tanya had knowing their dream home is almost complete was almost palpable.  This is the man who has made her dreams come of course we will celebrate this and record it in ways that take them back to these days of anticipation many years from now when they are rocking grand-babies on their front porch.

This field of oats was a perfect spot to capture the beauty of the land they are about to call home.  I foresee many country chic weddings in this farm's future.  In fact, blog followers may recognize this farm from Shannon & Justin Franklin's wedding last year just about this time...Out of all the weddings that will happen here though, there are three that will melt the heart of this man.  But, not for a very long time.

I asked the girls if they wanted to create something special with me out in their oat field.  They correctly noted that I didn't get to this with my kids since I have three boys.  Yes, all the more reason I love having an opportunity to stop time for beautiful women of all ages...what a sweet celebration of farm life and motherhood....

Enjoy your soon to be new home and all the memories that will be made on this land for many generations to come!