When your boys inch past you in height and you find yourself realizing they are much closer to leaving the nest then they are from having been born into it, it causes you to stop and ponder where time has gone. 

Dawn's family has made memories trekking across America's National parks & taking cross country trips.  However, the memories Tate & Max have that have embedded themselves most deeply center on growing up on the grounds of River Downs where their home is.  The boys have sledded, golfed, explored the woods, ran the train tracks and played in the river.  Carroll County living at its finest! 

We rode the grounds of the golf course on this golf cart inherited from the boy's grandmother.  They worked on it to get it running and have a blast winding around the course path on it.  So, how fitting to end our portrait time with a tribute to the memories made on the golf course.  I wish you all the best Seibels as you continue making your memories together for many years to come!