Fogle-Buffington Family

Blog followers may remember a beautiful senior farm princess, Taylor who I captured this summer.  Mom and Taylor were so thrilled with what we captured, they knew it was also time to have their family portraits created as well.

What better place than the farm where your family has created all its memories.  As we walked around Jessica had stories of how they've lived life and shared the love within their family over the course of raising her teenagers. 

Jessica had a host of ideas she wanted to put into creation on their beloved farm to best capture her family.  I'd say she's had plenty of time to think of the best ways as the last family portraits they had her were when Taylor and Cole were 2 & 1!  Quite a bit of life has happened in the last 15 years so Jessica was eager to say the least!

After waiting 15 years to do this, I guess 4 or 5 reschedules due to weather must have felt like torture for Jessica.  However, I assured her this session would happen, if not in the fall, then in the spring.  But with a rainy fall & busy teenager schedules it wasn't looking good for fall.  Jessica was crushed as rainy Wednesday after Wednesday appeared on the horizon as she already had visions for a large wall in her family room that she planned to cover in portraits in time for Christmas celebrations in her home. 

So, when the session finally rolled around with 0 rain in the forecast, her family was pretty excited!  Taylor and Cole are the apple of their mother's eye and I can see why.  There's a bond within this family that seems to be born out of working a farm together.  Jessica is a wreck to think that her junior and senior in highschool will all soon be leaving the nest.  However, I don't think they'll be to long gone from the family farm they all seem to adore.  There's a bond between Taylor and Cole that's just so rare between siblings.  They simply adore one another and Taylor especially loves to celebrate her brother's baseball achievements and spend time with him.

So, when we create a piece for mom and dad like this of the two people they love most in can imagine there were some tears.   There was some shock and disbelief over where the last 15 years have gone...blink of an eye, everyone always says.  However, when it's your kids the heart fills with a heaviness you didn't know possible.  Jessica & Jamie, you've given them wings to fly and so they will; however those wings will bring them home as well!  So take heart and celebrate the love you've built into your family as you prepare for this next stage! 

(preview of the wall Jessica's been envisioning...wall here is not the correct size, but you get the idea...your family as art & the launch pad to tell your family's story!)