Unveil your Cinderella-boudoir

Drum roll please...Unveil your Cinderella has been so popular with our clients, we decided to trademark the phrase.  It's been a 7 month process and the US patent office will officially publish, "Unveil your Cinderella" as Jennifer DiDio Photography's trademarked slogan tomorrow!!  For more about what Unveil your Cinderella is and how Boudoir is a part of that, read below! 

What is Unveil your Cinderella?

I noticed something years ago about the portrait process that bothered me and it continues today.  My female clients work very hard to make portraits happen for their families.   They feel something deep inside them that longs to preserve what they love most in life.  So they rush, plan, cajole, juggle complicated schedules and plead with those they love most to continue the portrait traditions they often grew up with.  They place high value on the custom portrait process and will always say it's worth it; however, they are always last on the list in all the preparations for the process.

This is how Unveil your Cinderella was born.  I wanted to honor the women who keep portrait traditions alive.  I wanted a portrait time that made them feel special.  When I pull a woman aside, by herself, and give her space to breathe...space to relax...space to be...something magical begins to happen.   A beauty in her she may have forgotten about, or maybe has never even seen, begins to surface. 

Overwhelmingly, most women will report they have never felt so beautiful and they never thought they could look like the transformation we create.  They assure me no one has ever photographed them so beautifully...they often cry.   They tell me it's difficult to put into words what the time has meant to them.

The Cinderella day starts with a two hour professional make over of her hair and make up by my incredibly talented stylist Jill Jackson.  Our princess for the day is doted on in a seat of honor while we make sure she is comfortable and her make over begins.

We discuss what outfit choices will be most flattering for her.   Some women choose to start in a Cinderella look and then progress into boudoir portraits.  This way they have sharable portraits and private ones to gift to their husbands.  This is our most popular option.  Often these boudoir portraits are gifted for Christmas, anniversaries, Valentines Day, birthdays....

Some women come for the Cinderella feel in multiple sets up with looks created in studio, hence the Couture Portraiture line.  Couture implies something unique is being created.  (we can't call it glamor portraits because of the awfulness of what was produced in the mall kiosks in the 90s with that label!) We have several options for Cinderella creations for clients to choose from in studio and then each look is personalized.

Others will choose to devote all their time to boudoir portraits.  Some choose to be photographed in their wedding gown to create unrushed portraits in the gown they love and then we often progress into an additional Cinderella look or boudoir.

Every session looks a little different, as they are all customized to each client.  So, our 2 hours in front of the lens is spent differently for each client.   Most often though, it is a blend of Cinderella & boudoir time. 

A word about my boudoir philosophy.  My style is sultry without being overly sexual.  My desire is that women are proud of their portraits, not embarrassed by them.  I am very sensitive to the 'problem' areas every woman brings and employ lighting, posing and outfit choices to flatter all figures.  I photograph boudoir for married women and brides to be who often gift their collection on the honeymoon.  

Because of their sensitive nature, I do not post my boudoir portraits.  I do have private galleries to share with interested female clients.   We like to joke we are 'bringin' sexy back to marriage!'  My long time married clients assure me that's exactly what we are doing and report a sort of 2nd honeymoon that happens after their boudoir sessions!   My clients age range from 20's to late 50s for this portraiture.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about Unveil your Cinderella portrait sessions.  Looking for where to purchase a session for a Christmas gift, click here!