Happy Birthday Hope!!!

Hope's Couture portrait session pulled triple celebration duty: a birthday surprise for her hubby Bill, a celebration of Bill's being awarded Salesperson of the year in his first year in sales at Systek and lastly Hope turning 40 tomorrow! 

As you can imagine, Bill is pretty excited about this gift!  I met Bill and Hope several years ago for family portraits so it's always a pleasure when clients return to have me capture the beauty their life is creating!  Hope was such a pleasure to work with and her excitement over what we have created has her looking at turning 40 with a whole new sense of rockin' satisfaction replacing the dread there was until recently.

Hope and I had a great time capturing her beauty and marking that she'll dance into her 40th year of life with a celebration of exactly where she is in her life right now!  I always joke we gotta embrace it because doing anything else just accelerates the aging process. ;)

Hope, I wish you the happiest of birthdays as you celebrate and marvel at the wonderful spot in life you are in right now!   Drink deeply from the cup of joy placed before you and embrace each day in your journey!