Rebecca and Sonny are preparing to welcome their third little fact it may be today!  There's a good chance friends and family will see this before they do!   Course they've had their big reveal in their View and Choose already so they know of all the beauty we have captured of their family.  Rebecca was a last minute booking I was able to squeeze in, evidence that occasionally maternity portraits are created with only one week left before delivery!

Rebecca missed her calling, I told her she should have done some maternity modeling as I've never quite seen a  woman carry as tiny/compactly and beautifully as she did.  She reminds me of tv actresses who 'play' being pregnant with a soccer ball placed under their shirt---that's exactly how Rebecca is carrying her sweet bundle. 


Rebecca's whole family joined us for the View and Choose.  Brindal was so in love with the above portraits.  She kept pointing and say, 'there's an angel, I wanna see the angel.  My Momma is an angel.'

Savannah and Bridal are so excited to welcome their little sister and were  just a delight to photograph.  The third from last image I created a light oil painting effect to, channeling my Mary Cassatt.  I just adore the airy light feel to what we created and this beauty preserved is something that will bring smiles for many, many years to come.  Look for their newborn session in the near future as Rebecca and Sonny grow their little family of princesses.