Aben Family

Meet the Aben family who journeyed in the snow to my new studio space from their home in Gambrills.

Joe and Erin have a lovely family which you could say had its start  all the way back to when they met in the first grade at St. Mary’s.  Erin acutely feels the sense that her family is growing up before her eyes and was eager to have them captured through my lens.  As moms we desire to hold onto moments… Erin trusted me to capture these of children, each with their own uniqueness, while also capturing the bonds between their family.

That was easy with these guys because it was clear the bonds are strong between them.  The Abens are a family who enjoy traveling adventures together and have interests as varied as the day is long.

Joe and Jameson share their love of sports.  Joe played football on a full scholarship at UVA so he’s got a thing or two to share with Jameson as they share their love of the game.  He and Erin also own Excellence in Fitness personal training centers so he’s been able to carry his love of fitness into his career.

Sam has an artist soul that resonates deeply within her.  Creativity in music and drawing is how she best expresses herself.  What a delight to photograph this side of a young woman!  I am always drawn to quiet mystery in portraits and this was a perfect match for Sam.

Ella is a little dancer who brought a boatload of dresses to her portrait time.   She was so excited to dance for her portraits and Erin shared with her that dancers are one of my favorite subjects to photograph!


I wish you all the best Aben family as you journey through this life together, arm in arm, embracing each new adventure you find yourself on!