Happy Fathers Day 2014

Happy Father's Day to all the dads who said 'yes' when their wives said, "Please, I really just want to preserve the beauty of this life we are creating...time is fleeting."  I know you most often don't come for portraits with excitement (in fact often it's under protest) BUT I love that most of you leave excited about what we have created.  You are just as eager as mom to see what we've done and love seeing your family through my lens.  I love how many of you have become converts to this creating art from the beautiful life you are creating.   It's so much more than ink and paper...the memories that accompany these times are priceless and like fine wine, will only grow more precious with time.  Enjoy this look at the last year of dad's through my lens or some of dad's favorites of the ones that are precious to them!   Just click on the gallery blocks below to advance the photos (since this is a large collection).  Enjoy your Father's Day! ;)