LifePoint Live '14

LifePoint Church in Finksburg is known for its worship that cuts you to the core and breaks your heart wide open before the Lord.  They are committed to creating a worship experience that pounds the truths of the Gospel into your heart and causes you to reach for the Lord with all that you are.  Attenders to LifePoint are blessed to have this done for them every single week, for 4 services a week.  But for some, that's not enough.  They crave that connection to the Lord through worship beyond their weekly church attendance.  They want this worship music playing throughout their week and so was born the idea to create a CD of favorite worship songs.  

I was honored to be a part of a team to record this photojournalistically last night.   The joy radiated by so many of the team members was matched only by the joy on the face of many of the worshippers.  One little boy in particular who danced with a joy of the Lord that reminds us why Jesus says, "let the little children come to Me."   Click on the photo below to scroll through a journey of the evening that includes behind the scenes moments of all it takes to produce an incredible evening like this. 

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(There are additional photos; all will be posted to FB in a few days.  Feel free to tag if you'd like them in your FB collection.)