Jill & Carl


There are some women who start their days early then empty themselves out in caring for others long into the wee hours of the night.  Jill is one of those women.  She is an RN who has a specialty business she began about 8 years ago designed to help the elderly with their medical needs and care. 

Jill's dream of an Unveil your Cinderella session began over a year ago and the crazy schedule involved with running your own business prevented her from moving forward.  It was finally her awesome assistant Wendy who coaxed her into carving out the time for herself.  Well, for herself and Carl!  Carl is Jill's beloved pup who enjoyed the session as much as she did! 

Jill was so excited to come to her View & Choose, but her commitment to ensure excellent care for her clients delayed her from coming to see these beauties for a few weeks.   Her calls kept coming in during her View & Choose, reinforcing all the more reason why a day where someone cared for Jill was so special and rejuvenating for her.   She was the top priority, for one day.

So Jill, as you reach into all those lives around you with care, remember to place yourself at the top of the list occasionally and rest.  May this dream like portrait art created from your beautiful life remind you of that!