Madeline was just as sweet as could be for her newborn session!   It was obvious Karlye and Sean were ready to celebrate their little princess through her photo shoot.  They had plenty of ideas and brought along a few momentos to be included in Madeline’s photos.  They were a great display of team work throughout the whole session.  It’s pretty clear this will serve them well as a foundation for the parenting adventure they’ve begun.

The birth of a child reminds us of the preciousness of new life.  Our grandparents remind us we must treasure this life because it passes in the blink of an eye.  Karlye’s family had to walk through the sudden loss of her grandmother just 10 days before Madeline was born.  Irma was precious to her family so the shock of her sudden loss has been a heavy burden to carry this last few weeks.  Karlye found herself in conflicting emotions— great pending joy knowing she was just days away from meeting her baby girl, while she was also wrapped in the deep sorrow of losing Irma.

We knew we wanted to include an heirloom of Irma’s.   Karlye and her mom Kathy chose Irma’s pearl necklace.  Irma may not have gotten to meet Madeline, but I’m quite certain Madeline will grow up hearing many stories about her Great-Grandmom Irma, especially as she shares the wearing of these pearls.  So Irma’s legacy continues!  

Karlye was excited to include this giant high heeled chair in Madeline’s session.  Sean hasn’t been so excited about keeping this chair throughout their married life, however, he was glad Karlye stood firm on her decision to hold onto the chair all these years.  How fitting for this little princess whose nursery has safari animal prints in it!

With zebras in her nursery—my new zebra sette was a no brainer!  This is one of my personal favorite newborn photos I’ve ever taken….

 Baby as art!  Love it!

What princess would be complete without her diva hand bag!  Mom and Dad found this recently in an outlet and knew the perfect little girl for it!

Karyle and Sean I wish you the best as you embrace your sweet baby girl through this life and have these beautiful memories to treasure forever in this very fleeting time!  Madeline–there’s a great big world out there just waiting to be explored!

  1. Donna says:

    Wow! Madeline is so precious in all of these photographs. Congratulations Karlye and Sean.

    P.S. Jennifer you are amazing at capturing priceless moments.

  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    thanks donna! nice to hear how you enjoyed sharing in this special time with Karlye and Sean! Madeline is a sweet baby—we had a blast preserving this sweet time for her! 😉

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