Andrea was patient for her family portrait session after an initial rain reschedule.   Outdoor portraiture offers awesome opportunities for families to run and play, but weather is fickle, so we play by
her rules.    Andrea loved her sister-in-law, Lesley Vogel’s family portrait session so much, she ventured up from Virginia to meet me for her own.   My business has been built almost entirely on referrals, thank you to all my Jennifer DiDio Photography clients–you rock!

Ryan and Anderson were eager to run and play with their beloved dog Scout.  Both boys had me cracking up throughout the session as they would wrestle each other with their hugs (as a mom of 3 boys I am very well acquainted!).   Anderson started kindergarten this year and after 2 weeks when he was asked how he liked it he said, “I don’t care about learnin’; I care about livin’.”  Yes, little boys are happiest when they can run and play as God has wired them up to do!    

Andrea loves bridges and barns, so we knew this was the perfect spot for their portrait session.  This one of her 3 favorite boys took her breath away.   

Kids are unpredictable.  Anyone who has them knows that.  We discussed a bit of steam stomping to end the session ahead of time and Andrea hoped it would work out.  It’s something her boys do a lot of at home.  She thought Ryan may be a bit tentative somewhere new, but he was all over it right away with enthusiasm.  Anderson on the other hand was not a fan of how he was sinking into the mud.  He made it clear he was not getting in.  Even I needed help out of the stream!

Enter big brother Ryan to help coax Anderson into the stream.  I demonstrated how far I went in compared to Ryan because I was heavier.  Anderson started to warm to the idea, but clearly you can see below he’s thinking, ‘really, I’m not so sure about this.’ 

Alas, it didn’t take long for the fear to give way to quick enjoyment.  The coolest part was watching Anderson reach out to Ryan for protection as he acclimated to the feeling of sinking mud.  Then as he got his bearings they were ready to stream stomp like they’ve done countless times together at home (on a rocky stream bed).   

Something tells me these two will be padres for life!  Bonanno’s make the most of your livin’ because there’s plenty of learnin’ that happens smack dab in the middle of all the livin’!   

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