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I met up with the Zinkand’s for a blast of fall family portrait session.  Kim told me her crew was a laid back group that loved to laugh—perfect!  And laugh we did!   If the expression is true, “laughter is the best medicine,” then no one in this crew will ever be sick!  Jim even threatened to push his son/in-law in the pond if he saw them doing any model walking! 


One of my favorite things on a session is to be inspired by the scene we are in.  Sometimes that’s natural interaction that’s happening between family members, especially with children.  Sometimes it’s a physical challenge.  In this family it was both.  Here, there was something to climb and Jake was all over it!  Of course his cousins were not to be outdone and following up the rear quickly!  Even PP, who is only 2, would not hear of being left out! 



It’s pretty clear from our time together that these cousins all adore one another.  Sometimes when a baby cousin comes along there can tend to be a little jealousy for all the attention the baby is getting.  Not here.  These three doted on PP and loved on her the whole time!  She has no problem keeping up with this crew either!  Only time she started to fuss through the whole session was when she didn’t have something to carry when everyone was helping with my gear!  As soon as she was helping, she was happy!


Jake, Payton, McKenna and Chloe had blast playing together and posing for me during our time together.  Jake even had suggestions as we progressed through the session!   



Legacy is a beautiful thing…Kim said this is the best Christmas gift she’s ever received!  Kim and Jim’s adoration of their family was written all over their face throughout our entire time together.  Look to see Kim’s home covered in these images that will bring a smile to her face everyday!   What delight Emily and Ricky and Jason and Nicki must have as well when they see the bond between their children!  



May your years ahead continue to overflow with surprise, delight and laughter as you hold tightly to one another on your journey!  


  1. Jan Stambaugh says:

    Love, love, love all the Zinkand family pics!! I have known Kim & Jim for 39+ years and these photos show their everlasting love for one another and their family!! Kim & Jim still look at one another just like they did back in high school!! 💓

  2. Nicole Brittain-Zinkand says:

    Thank you SO much for all your beautiful work. Our daughter is a ham(like the rest of the family:) but we have never seen her smile and laugh so much in front of an otherwise "stranger" at the time. She must have felt the comfort that all of us felt with you!! I’m so thankful for that, I was honestly worried prior to us getting there for the shoot that Payton would even participate or sit still, rather, long enough for you to even get a full family photo let alone the hundred or more beautiful and priceless pictures you ended up getting of everyone. They will be cherished for ever, it truly is a gift that we will look back on for all the years:) So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful job and for making everyone feel so comfortable with you. You have a gift for that and it shows in all your work! Thank you again!!!-Nicki and Jason Zinkand

  3. Jennifer DiDio says:

    wow Jan—that’s awesome to be on the sidelines of watching a romance 39 years!!! totally awesome!! Nicole—wow—i had no idea, she did so awesome!! what a delightful little sweet pea!! thank you for the kind words and it was my pleasure to record just a tiny slice of all the love that abounds in your family!! jennifer 😉

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