Sharkey 50th!

What’s the secret to making a marriage stand the tests and trials of time over 50 years?  One simple equation:  Carolyn + Stan + God = 50 years of love and commitment to the marriage vows they professed in their youth.   “A three fold cord is not easily broken.”

Stan and Carolyn’s wedding ceremony was a Greek service.  This involved them wearing wreaths joined together with one ribbon.  These were the original wreaths they wore at their wedding ceremony.  What a beautiful illustration of God’s intention of unity within marriage.   I wonder if they thought about this day when they preserved the wreaths 50 years ago?

Carolyn has been planning this day for quite some time.  Her family gathered from all over to celebrate this day with her and Stan at Antrim House in Taneytown.   All of her preparations reminded me of planning for a small wedding.  It was clear this day was very special to Carolyn and Stan.  Carolyn hired my stylist Jill to style hair and make up for all 5 women in her family.   What a wonderful way to start off the day’s preparations—being pampered!  The day’s details echoed with joy and anticipation over and over again.

Carolyn joked with Stan as they made decisions in planning their special day that they should consider what the value of each year in 50 years of marriage is worth.  Then break that down per day, she was looking at an investment of appropriately 35 cents a day to celebrate their 50 years surrounded by the family she loves.  Pretty great deal when you look at it that way!

While we were gathered inside the Antrim House, a wedding was also preparing to taking place.  What a beautiful juxtaposition of momentous events in two couples lives!  The radiant bride walked through just before her ceremony was to start.  We let her know that Carolyn and Stan were celebrating 50 years of the commitment she was about to make—what a great sign for her about to take her vows!  She started to cry happy tears and said how happy she was to know that just before she was to wed her love.  Her joy was just as overflowing as Carolyn’s!

Carolyn found this “Love Birds for 50 Years” plate at an antique shop just before her celebration!  Perfect timing!  I asked what the significance of the burnt orange sweater was on the table w/the champagne.  Carolyn laughed.  “I asked Stan why he asked me out when we met in college classes at Western Maryland college.  He said, ‘it was that orange sweater!’  50 years later and the sweater is still in great shape!  May your joy continue to abound and be a legacy your children and grandchildren are continually blessed by within their own families!

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