Collins 2013


It was time for fall portraits with the Collins family!  Julie’s family is from Great Falls but they ventured up to meet me in Westminster recently for their annual portrait session.  I remember last year when I met Julie, she mentioned, “I’ve never used a photographer twice, till now!”  I am honored by the number of my clients who recognize the extra care and devotion to excellence I bring to their client experience.  Julie is already making plans for her next session this summer.   She texted me on her ride home, ‘thanks so much!  You are amazing with the kids, they love you!”   Relationship based portaiture allows me time to engage my clients—love it!  



Julie was holding out hope for a beautiful portrait of she and her 3 kids, knowing last year Jude got the moment where all three kids remained in one spot for several seconds with giant winning smiles (prompted by some ridiculousness on my part!)    I knew she longed for that kind of portrait for herself, but also knew all the stars would have to line up to keep a toddler boy going in the same direction as his sisters…well they did, twice! 



“Hum…if I could pick a princess for you to be it would be…Cinderella!”



Julie wanted to reproduce this image created when Ryder was a newborn with Addison and Tyler.  Ryder gave us exactly 1 second with this giant winning smile before he rolled over to wrestle his sisters!  😉



May you smile often Julie & Jude as you enjoy the beauty we have preserved of your dear family!  See you next time in warmer weather! 😉


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