JDP senior Sammy

Meet Samantha, or as she’s better known by her friends and family, Sammy.  Sammy’s senior portrait session just would not have been complete without her beloved horse Zara.  We split her session time between her farm and the farm up the street where Zara is boarded.



Sammy’s favorite place to be in the world is on the farm with Zara.  She spends hours a day caring for, training and riding Zara.   She joked she’s a tom-boy at heart and wowed her family with the transformation of a Sammy not hidden behind a baseball hat and farm clothes!  At one point her dad was just blown away by how beautifully grown up Sammy looked.  Her response:  “didn’t think your son had it in her, did ya!”


Sammy was just plain adorable to watch as she enjoyed her slideshow at her View and Choose session.   She was bowled over and kept repeating—‘awww, look how beautiful Zara looks,’  ‘look how precious Zara is,’ ‘awww, look at Zara, I just love her!’   I told her I could have had her entire senior portrait session be just of Zara and she would have hardly noticed!  She sure does love that horse!


So how did these two end up together?  Sammy and her family went to the first CC auction that had happened in many years.   Auctions are a gamble though, you can get a great deal on a horse; however you are buying blindly.  Zara was the very first horse to be brought out to the ring.  Sammy knew immediately Zara was meant to be hers.   She was a pinto, Sammy’s favorite color horse oh and after they won her they learned she also happened to be named Sammy!   The DeMario’s were the first and only bid on Zara.   Sammy had no idea what they were getting with Zara and counts herself lucky and truly blessed to call her beautiful Zara her own!

Sammy’s step mom, Dawn hooked Sammy up with a beautiful gown from her Spa at Roops Mill.   Sammy was tickled over seeing her equestrian self through a different lens.  One of my favorite parts of creating portraits is to show my clients different facets of themselves, check!



Thank you Ina for welcoming us to your farm to capture these beautiful memories of dear Sammy and Zara!  Choosing her favorites was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do and your farm helped to make that possible!

Ride like the wind Sammy and cherish the feeling of the wind in your hair as you ride like there’s no tomorrow!

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