Mega Year End Review -

Mega Year End Review

Happy 2014!!  As promised, here’s my mega-year end review of favorite shared client work—theirs and mine from the last year!   It’s been an incredible year to continue creating art from life for all my clients and I want to thank you for that opportunity.  My clients appreciate all that I pour into ensuring their portrait experience is covered in excellence from A-Z–and that makes this journey filled with joy!  When given the option to be a economical choice or a priceless choice for my clients, for me the choice was simple.   A fellow professional, Michael Barton, summed up how I feel about creating portraits:

“Photographic portraits are more than paper.  They are studies of character and preserve memories of the emotions behind them for generations to come.” 


Enjoy the walk down memory lane from 2013!  My favorite 25 portraits of the year will appear in a blog tomorrow! 😉  p.s. can you see why I stumble a bit when someone asks, “do you have a specialty?”  I want it all to evoke emotion from the viewer–that’s my ‘specialty’! 😉


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