JDP senior Faith

The days often feel eternal, but the years will always fly by when you are raising children.  No one knows that better than Teresa as her 2nd of 6 children is preparing to graduate.  Faith’s senior year is winding down.   Her senior portrait session was a time to celebrate all facets of the amazing young woman.

There is so much beauty in her strength as an athlete so that was a key element that we wanted to show in her portraits.


Course, then there is the lovely side of Faith that is her soft beautiful side we wanted to record as well.  Faith was game to go play in the snow and trusted me to place her by the shack on my new studio grounds I love so much! 

Teresa goes to extraordinary lengths to give her children memorable experiences for all the milestones in their lives.  She says this is why she comes back to me time and time again for her portrait needs.   Teresa beamed watching her girl in the styling chair while Jill worked her magic to accentuate Faith’s loveliness.  I always encourage moms to be in a few portraits with their seniors…we all know the preciousness these kinds of image take on as we get older. 

Best wishes Faith as you embark on the next phase of your journey! 😉

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