Welcome little Lia who is bringing smiles, cuddles and baby fever everywhere she goes!  Lia’s Mom and Dad couldn’t be more thrilled with their little bundle of sweet joy they’ve been blessed with.  Her two big brothers are pretty excited too and have fallen into the role of protector already.

There’s just something about a little girl that brings out the protectiveness in the men who love her most in this life…Scott and the boys will be no exception.

Lia was perfectly content in Mom and Dad’s arms for her portraits…and even rewarded us with a smile above.;) 

Addy fell in love with seeing her sleepy Lia’s eyes so alert and focused…coolest part is when parents don’t remember seeing these times during the session so the genuine surprise they experience at what we’ve created is awesome to behold. 

Many wonderful memories await you dear one to be made with these boys who love you already and your Momma and Daddy whose heart you stole at the first sound of yours!

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