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When your family goes from 5 to 7 in the matter of a few weeks and your kids range from elementary school to the last semester of college—arranging a winter family portrait session is no easy task.  My families are busy and my moms are tenacious at wrestling those hectic schedules to pin down, what is often only one date that works for everyone, and then we make it happen, regardless of the weather.  Women are always the heroines when it comes to carrying on our precious portrait traditions that mark the blessings of God in our lives.   And Kathi is no exception to this.  Brian and Kathi have welcomed beautiful Marley and Teddy, hailing from Ethiopia, into their family.  The Roach’s are celebrating how their family has grown through the beauty of adoption!

Brian and Kathi have taken hold of calling the Lord laid on their heart and moved ahead with a trust that He would provide all they needed on their adoption journey.  We know the Lord’s heart is for the fatherless and He calls His people to step into that need.  The Roach family answered with a resounding ‘YES!’.  Kathi has blogged their journey to help other families be aware of the process because knowledge is power when you enter onto the roller coaster of adoption.   She and Brian want to encourage others to step into this journey that is filled with blessing on so many levels.

Their adoption was just finalized this month and the road to get there, as anyone knows who has adopted, was a roller coaster ride.  Kathi would love to see a unification of the requirements on a national level.  Currently, there is a great disparity state to state which can make for a very confusing process.  The Roach’s are now Marley and Teddy’s forever family and the whole family has taken a very active interest in Ethiopian culture.  They explore and research the town Marley & Teddy are from on line, have gone to Ethiopian restaurants and even have cooked authentic Ethiopian food together all just in the last two months! 

As you can see the Roach’s love to laugh and are tightly knit as a family.  Laughter is great medicine for the soul and covers a multitude of emotions that are more challenging to deal with when it comes to adoption.  Marley and Teddy have smiles that light up a room and were such a joy to photograph.  They are just beautiful children, period.  From a family friend/photographer looking in, it just feels like they’ve been with the Roach family for years already!  Marley and Teddy are biological brother and sister and now they have added two brothers and one sister to their forever family siblings!   Add to that a mom and dad who are completely sold out to do whatever it takes to surround them with a love that knows no bounds and you have the beauty of family in its purest sense.

The Roach’s are grateful that the Lord has led Marley and Teddy to their home and now to their hearts.  Marley and Teddy, we all welcome you to Maryland and have prayed for the Roach’s to be connected to you!  Please know that you are so deeply loved and the we are all cheering you on in this journey to become all the Lord has planned for you!   His love for you is fierce and like a giant bear hug that holds you tightly!   His love truly knows no end and is deeper than the deepest oceans and higher than the highest heavens.   Shine on dear ones!

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