Kara Sweet & Sassy 16

When you are about to turn 16 it’s time to celebrate! Mom hired me to create, not a Sweet 16 session, but a Sassy 16 portrait experience for Kara. Incredible to Unveil the many facets of all the coolness that encompasses who Kara is at this cornerstone age.

First and foremost, Kara is a guitarist who loves to create. I adore the sense of style and spunk she brought to her session. Can it get any cooler than this dress & doc marten boots?!? Right along side her love of music is her love of delving into a story that wraps itself around your brain and won’t let go–for Kara the Harry Potter series takes center stage. She was pumped to receive her own new set with new cover art (instead of the set shared by the family and dog eared from so many reads).


Along side her inquisitive and rocker side is her soft and pretty side that’s tentative as she looks to her future and wonders what the next stage holds. Performing on stage for a crowd of adoring fans?!? Only time will tell dear one! 😉

Kara, along with some seniors received some bonus underwater portrait time as part of her session to launch our brand new Under Water portrait offering!

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