Meet Gunnery Sergent, an adorable little Black and Tan English bulldog puppy.  His coloring makes him unique and highly sought after in the world of thoroughbred pups.  His two legged Momma, Samantha, drove to the airport just a few weeks ago to bring him home to love.

Gunny will be the new stud for her bulldog breeding business in about a year.  Sam’s very selective about the homes her pups go to.  She wants to know they will be loved and cared for as much as she loves her own dogs. 

Sam studies the genetics of her parent dogs to help determine what kind of markings they will have.  She’s a wealth of knowledge that her clients appreciate when making their investment in one of her puppies.  As for Gunny, he has about a year before he’ll begin his stud duties.  For now he’s basking in all the love and attention he’s receiving and is about as cuddly as they come!  My studio manager joked he should be our studio dog! 

Sam has a litter of pups coming tomorrow and they couldn’t be more excited!  Pretty sure the Momma dog is ready too!  One of Sam’s dogs, Sarge has pedigree related to the top in the world for English bulldogs, Ch Adamantly Warlock…quite a pedigree!  Happy almost birthday puppies! 

  1. Holly says:

    He is just beautiful as is Samantha

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