Happy 1st birthday Taelynn!

This adorable little peanut turned 1!  What better way to lock down this precious time than portraits that cover all that is beautiful and spunky about precious Taelynn! 

She’s been mobile for a few months now, which also means she’s confident in her abilities to navigate obstacles, climb, push chairs around and basically stay in perpetual motion.  All with a determination that shows a future in which she will accomplish amazing things.

Taelynn has the darkest brown eyes I’ve ever seen on a baby.  She is so very curious about the life that surrounds her and is eager to explore everything in her path.  She also happens to be my precious grand-niece so this time was extra special as I created for her and her Momma.   Tomorrow we will release a blog of Taelynn with her Momma who is expecting a baby boy to make her a big sister!

  1. Judy Myers says:

    My beautiful little sweet pea, my first great grandchild. She is full of wonder and curiosity. Challenging the world at every turn already, she will be a force to be reckoned with. My first child, Jennifer did capture her beautifully, her sweetness, her curiosity, and her determination. Thank you Jennifer, we love you both. Mom

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