JDP senior Jenna

Jenna’s making the most of her summer right now, soaking in time with friends and honing her skills on the volleyball court for her upcoming season.  So how fitting to create a very popular new offering for our senior athletes–a sports montage, for her to mark her years as a Falcon.

The last several years Jenna’s watched a bunch of her friends come through the doors of my studio and has waited for her turn to create unique pieces that will always remind her of this time.

At this age you start to get a lot of questions about what you are going to do with the rest of your life.  But when you are still really just a kid, how are you supposed to answer that?  What’s cool for Jenna, is she’s realized she adores doing hair and make up.  So much so, that on prom day, she’s the one doing everyone else’s hair and makeup at the expense of spending time on her own.  Last year she began training at the Career Tech center and found she loved it.  College is in her future, but who knows maybe so is salon owner?  She had a blast talking shop with my stylist Jill. 

One of the things I most adore about creating senior portraits is watching the girls pick out items in our studio wardrobe that they love.  We choose pieces that span the decades and the globe. Jenna chose this dress at the absolute perfect time for what’s in bloom on the studio grounds. 

Jenna’s eyes are a portrait creator’s delight.  They jump off the page at you with that dreamy blue color.  I told her she embodied the California girl look to a T. 

Lastly, Jenna was game to create underwater.  She’s grown up with a pool so she brought a great comfort level to what is probably the most challenging conditions to create portraits in.  She rocked it!

How Jenna’s portraits will be enjoyed…a peek in her album design & walls…

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