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JDP senior Nathan

Meet JDP senior Nathan.  Those who know him might wonder where his other half is.  His twin brother Hunter is featured in his own blog to honor them each as individuals.  There will also be a blog of them together, coming later tonight, to honor the special bond that twins share.  Looking to have your own custom portraits created?  Click here to contact us.

Nathan has played baseball since he was 4.  His whole baseball career he’s found himself filling the coveted role of pitcher.  Love of the game runs deep in his veins.  Watch out for his curve ball, very particular placement is a big deal to him and he spends the hours required to perfect it.

Nathan is right at home working on cars and trucks.  He drives a F450 and has as a personal goal to make it louder and louder.  Hunter jokes he can always tell when Nathan is coming home or one of his friends who share the same passion for loud trucks!

Nathan hopes to turn his love of working on cars and trucks into a career.  He’s learning welding and his dad has a variety of welding options in their garage he’s teaching Nathan.  Nathan also attends Career Tech where he’s currently hands on with learning all he can about heavy equipment and trucks.  He also enjoys working for his mom’s landscaping business, out in the field caring for the properties under her contract.

You may notice the protective sleeve or the scars on Nathan’s left arm.  He was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Kienbock’s disease, a condition in which the lunate bone, one of eight small bones in the wrist, loses its blood supply, leading to death of the bone. The lunate is a central bone in the wrist that is important for proper movement and support of the joint. This was devastating news for a pitcher known for his accuracy.  It appears his surgery went well, but time and no weight bearing is essential to the healing.

Even with this dead bone in his wrist, Nathan was named to 2nd team all county last season.  He’s very proud of all the hard work and training that went into this accomplishment.  Watching his mom grin while he told me about it, tells me he’s not the only one!  Nathan, keep your eyes on the prize ahead of you in your healing process because the field awaits more dingers from you!

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