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JDP senior Tori

Prepare to be delighted if you enjoy the unexpected!  People have shared with me over the years that they enjoy following my work because they never know what’s coming next.  Yet, they say they always know it when they see it!  I love that!  And for those who enjoy the unexpected, prepare to meet JDP senior Tori!  Click here to contact us about your own custom senior portraits.

Tori is a fellow artist.  Creativity bleeds from her veins and it is her approach to life.  When we met for her pre-consult she and her mom let me know they were not interested in anything traditional.  They wanted unique and more editorial/fine art feel to Tori’s creations.  In fact their exact words were, “nothing normal or standard!”  Perfect!  This was music to my ears and Tori’s mom, April said, “I’m just so excited to pair you two together and see what you create!”  And create we did!

(This moment above Tori made me feel like one of my favorite artists, Degas. Click here to contact us about your own custom portraits.)

Tori recently had dreadlocked hair, but they began causing problems for her, so she had them removed.  Most days, Tori wears wigs and she enjoys surprising people who never know what she’ll show up looking like!  Her wigs vary in length, style and color–she has a veritable rainbow to select from!  So of course she wanted her wig variety to show up in her senior portrait collection.  As I created for her I kept thinking, ‘this feels like what we do in our JDP senior model program bonus shoots!’

Tori enjoys sculpting, sketching, painting, basically any median she can get her hands on to create something from her constantly in motion mind.  This is where you’ll find Tori in her happy place.  She’s even been able to channel that love of artistic creation into a job as a nail tech at Natalie’s Salon in Westminster!  Natalie’s is currently undergoing renovations and Tori is painting murals on their walls as part of the re-design.

Tori has a very large wooden chair project at school she’s been working on; however some structural issues have been slowing down the work.  It feels very much like a piece out of fairy tale and I’m hopeful she’ll be able to complete it before graduation and place it somewhere interesting in the county!  Children will love it!!

In this set below, Tori reminded me of a doll I had growing up that I could pull the hair out of the top of the head and braid into a thousand braids.  There was a knob on the doll’s back that allowed me to wind the hair back up.  I loved this doll and can’t tell you how many hours I spent braiding and unbraiding her hair as a child!  Tori took on the appearance of a live doll so naturally!

Below you’ll see one of April’s favorite pieces of Tori’s art work.

Tori’s about the only one in her school who changes their look daily.  Often time this puzzles people, however, she’s perfectly fine with mixing up the categories of what people expect in life.  We discussed a quote I shared in a blog recently that’s impacted me throughout my life, “You’ll never stand out in life if you spend all your time trying to fit in.”

This resonated with Tori to her core.  She surrounds herself with people who allow her to be her and she makes no apologies for desiring to be unique.  May that sense of self confidence and enjoyment with the creative process follow hard on your heels all the days of your life Tori! The flare you bring to life makes this world a better place!

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