The Sherrill Family

Steve and Lavi were back with their beautiful family to mark their blessings with Michael’s 6 month portraits.  Blog followers may recognize this stately family from Elizabeth’s 6 month portraits as well!  Elizabeth at 6 months was actually featured on 2 different blogs for this session.  We also featured Lavi’s maternity portraits celebrating Michael’s pending arrival.  Quite a beautiful family being grown here with the blending of American and Romanian culture.  Click here if you’d like to inquire about your own custom portraits.

Lavi has created an art wall of her family and Michael turning 6 months old was the next milestone session to build upon it.  She actually made the dresses that she and Elizabeth are wearing!  What a joy to mark this in their portrait time! 

Grandmom joined in as well for snuggle time with her grandbabies!  Sandra has retired from a life long teaching career to be of assistance to Steve and Lavi with raising their babies.  And oh what a grandmom she is!  She’s right there on the floor with them playing and exploring and watching out for them all at the same time!

Here you see Michael and Elizabeth at 6 months old.

Dad is also preparing to retire from his life long career in the military as well!  28 years of service in the uniform that stands for so much more than most of us civilians could ever imagine!  We thank you heartily for your dedication, your steadfastness and your willingness to be our front line when called upon. May the next chapter of your life be filled with joy as you watch your family grow and you take on new adventures!

Elizabeth loves her little brother and she is on the go like just about every 2 year old I’ve ever met!  It takes quite a bit of magic to get a 2 year old to sit still long enough to mark her with her brother, but that’s what we specialize in!  Michael looks on at Elizabeth’s busyness with absolute delight and constant giggles.  He is a baby that is full of smiles for everyone he meets.

Father son moments-what a treasure these will be to Michael as he grows!  Steve is prepared to do whatever is necessary to capture the beauty of his children.  Kudos Mom and Dad–you make a great pair to lock down all this blessing!


Lastly, we will close with a little fine art section involving Elizabeth.  To pull a 2 year old into your portrait time requires vigilance and patience.  I’ve found the moments always develop, they just require time filled with play and silliness.  When there’s no rush, moments like this are recorded.  I told Steve and Lavi I felt as though I could have been in Rembrandt’s classroom years ago and he would have said, “paint this moment!”

Elizabeth, your little brother takes such delight in your activity!  I pray you always look out for one another and you will be quick to share your lollipop and delight him with your dancing and joy filled smile!

  1. steve sherrill says:

    thank you Jennifer….great pictures that We will cherish for the rest of our lives.

  2. Lynda Boggs says:

    From Lynda Boggs. I am so glad you took
    Time to have these portraits done. You are a beautiful family.

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