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JDP senior Cassandra

When JDP senior Cassandra came for her pre-consult she looked around a bit skeptically, perhaps wondering if having portraits created would be for her or not?  Click here to chat with us about your own custom portraits.

So then when the portrait day came around, what an awesome delight it was to watch as Cassandra embraced every facet of her day and realized it was absolutely her thing!  She sang, she danced, she played her clarinet, she twirled…she was the epitome of joyful abandon to my absolute delight as a creator!

She wore her leopard coat the day of her pre-consult and I learned it’s her favorite jacket and she rarely leaves the house without it.  It was a gift from her grandmom.  I encouraged her to bring it to her shoot and it made for a Glamor magazine style cover girl for her!

The clarinet is a major part of Cassandra’s life.  She finds her joy in playing and being a part of marching band and orchestra.  She plans to share her love of music by teaching it as a career.  Cassandra quite simply feels the music.  It is as much a part of her as the hair on her head.  So how appropriate that we would incorporate her very first clarinet with her latest and precious one.

If by chance Cassandra ever becomes famous and needs an album cover as a clarinetist, I told her I thought one of the two portraits below should be her album cover!  Click here to contact us about your own custom portraits.

View and Chooses are my favorite time with a client.  To reveal what we have created together is such joy for me!  Cassandra’s mom was crying as we finished watching her movie (there’s a reason there’s always tissues at the table) and I asked Cassandra, “what do you think?”  She answered, “I’m at a total loss for words.  I love them!”  I love how adventurous Cassandra was in the creative process.  I asked her if I could create a look onto her and that’s how we came up with the opening portrait and the below set.  I just adore creating more anonymous portrait art pieces that evoke the emotions a woman travels through in her life. And of course we have invited Cassandra into our JDP senior model program!  Can’t wait to see what we create with her in this year ahead!

And to my absolute delight, Cassandra’s mom said, “oh this one reminds me of a famous painting, I just don’t know which one!”  I echo that sentiment exactly!

This dress above is from our studio wardrobe for clients to select from…but I’m pretty sure this dress was made for Cassandra.  I could hardly imagine a better color for her!

Our last set was in Cassandra’s wild prom dress!  This dress was a blast and Cassandra had so much fun putting motion into all it’s grandness!  Cassandra may you make beautiful music all the days of your life and march to the beat of your own drum dear one because the world needs to hear the song inside your head!

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  1. Nancy Leib

    December 26th, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    You captured our granddaughter beautifully! I’ve no idea how we will choose a favorite; and this is only a sample! As a little girl she would only pose for her Grandpa because she felt safe with him. You certainly had a way of making her feel the same. Thank you!

  2. Jennifer DiDio

    December 26th, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    Oh Nancy, Thank you for sharing that with me! Cassandra was an absolute delight and I thoroughly enjoyed creating with and for her! You are one special grandmom from what I heard as well! 😉

  3. Nicole Bealand

    December 26th, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    All I can say is WOW! Your work is amazing!!! I have never seen this many photos of my niece where she is so expressive, so full of emotion…I absolutely love all of them. A few even made me tear up. But I think my favorites are her with the clarinet. I cannot imagine how hard it will be for Cassandra to choose just one as her senior picture. I am sure my sister will choose all of them 😉

  4. Jennifer DiDio

    December 26th, 2018 at 9:29 pm

    Awe, I love it Nicole! Thank you! It’s why I committed since the origins of my studio (8 years ago) to a low volume approach so I could spend time w/my clients getting to know them and what makes them tick so it could show up in portraits they would cherish. I’ve never looked back and love that I can capture so many sides to my clients! Yes, Cassandra will have an album that covers what you see here, plus a little more and some wall art! 😉

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