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Diane: Silver Cinderella

Diane’s story was featured on our old Unveil your Cinderella website.  That site was merged with our jenniferdidio.com site last year and we are randomly bringing over some of those blogs.  When Diane came to me it was to celebrate her freedom.  Freedom from a facial tic that plagued her to a very solitary existence for too many years of her life.  All medical interventions proved fruitless and Diane had resigned herself to a lifetime of hiding.  She endured a surgery which proved ineffective…until months afterwards, out of the blue it suddenly offered her the release she’d been hoping and praying for.

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The isolation her facial tic created led to depression that tried to sink Diane in every facet of her life.  She felt as though no one could bear to look at her, as her face contorted into an uncomfortable contortion, thousands of times a day.  She stopped looking in mirrors and tried to hide from herself as much as the rest of the world.  Until, finally the release came.  It’s not often something so momentous that brings women in for their Unveil your Cinderella day of portrait work, but how glorious when it is!

There are times in portrait production that are emblazoned on my memory…hundreds of thousands of clicks of the shutter later, I still remember them.  Diane’s portrait time offered me one of these precious jewels.  Throughout a session, I will randomly share the back of the camera with a client, as I did for Diane.  The very first time I showed her the back of my camera, she burst into tears, joyful tears of praise for seeing herself again, really seeing herself.  Seeing herself as free.  She quickly began to fan away the tears to avoid ruining her make up, along with being fanned by my studio manager.  I just happened to catch this precious moment from that exchange…this kind of moment will never get old to me!

Diane at peace with herself and the state of her life…that’s a moment meant to be cherished!

Diane wanted to create a quiet reflective moment in everyday clothes…she’s a thinker and ponders life deeply.  May you always remember that your light shines so brightly and warms all those in your presence dear one!  Click here to discuss your own Unveil your Cinderella portrait time!

  1. Diane Alexis Wolcott

    January 9th, 2019 at 11:31 pm

    Thank you from the bottom of my
    soul. This is a beautiful reminder of where I have been. Those lows are now handled by knowing and believing the highs are worth the waiting. Thank you again, Jennifer, for ushering me in to this new and exciting adventure called life!!!
    Love Always,
    Diane Alexis

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