Coder Princesses: Unveil your Cinderella -

Coder Princesses: Unveil your Cinderella

I cannot help but think about legacy…all the time.  It haunts my thoughts and grabs bandwidth in my brain at the most unsuspect times.  When I’m creating portraits with mothers and children I always think, I want to create something that will be priceless to you when it’s all you have left of the person you love so dearly.  I want to surprise and delight you with the beautiful life you are growing.  If you’d like to chat about the possibility of your own portrait time, click here to contact us. 

Audrey came for a memory making Unveil your Cinderella day with her girls, after years of debating and waiting for just the right time.  She decided to do this as a surprise for her husband Chris’s birthday.  Amazingly, the girls were all able to keep it a secret though it was done months before Chris’s actual birthday. She plans to return in 4 years to do this again with her girls, to celebrate her 40th.  Keira will be the same age that Kylie is now…going to be so awesome to see the progression of these sweet girls!

Click here to contact us if you’d like to chat about the possibility of your own memory making portrait day!

Audrey’s career is a daily reminder that life has a way of sneaking up and stealing away what you hold most dear and most often without warning.  When it comes down to it, we just always expect the people we love to be there tomorrow.  Audrey wanted to mark this time with her girls as she’s watching childhood slip away before her very eyes.  Their special day was filled with laughter, dancing and sweet embraces.  Her girls are at the stage where they want to be so much older than they are…can’t we all remember that?!  Course, this side of wanting teaches us how fast it really all goes.

Considering locking down what is precious to you in a memory making Unveil your Cinderella day with someone you love?  Makes for a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift she’ll never forget!  We’d love to chat with you if you click here to contact us!

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