Silver Cinderella Amy

What a delight to celebrate Amy’s turning 50 with a Silver Unveil your Cinderella portrait time!  Amy represents to me so many moms who have poured themselves into their kids for the last 20 years and now are watching them fly the nest. Amy’s watching her boys test out their new found freedoms and find their way in this world.  As they spread their wings, this has opened up a new phase of life for Amy.

I’ve created JDP senior portraits for both of Amy’s sons and now it was her turn!  Her turn to experience an unforgettable day that placed her at the top of the ‘to do’ list for just one day!  A day to lock down her incredibleness in ways that will always be cherished by those who love her.  And how can you not love Amy?!? 

Amy’s passionate about personal fitness and currently teaches barre classes.  There’s a good chance she’ll be adding personal trainer to her schedule in the future.  This portrait time celebrates all that is beautiful about this dear one, along side her tenacity and commitment to excellence.

Just about every client who steps before my lens is nervous…most admit it and some even admit it repeatedly, secretly hoping something will cause a reschedule because the nerves are taking over.  However, I always say, “no risk, no reward.”  Amy was so nervous and wondering if her portraits would like like what she had admired in my work for years.  She’s so grateful for the risk she took and the bounty of beauty we have locked down to celebrate her 50 years of being a blessing to all who know her!

Amy’s stepping into this next phase of life knowing that she’s still all on deck to help her boys navigate their futures, but she’s also ready to leap into what her future holds.  So excited to watch these next phases unfold for you Amy!

  1. Lisa Tonti says:

    I have known Amy all my life practically. Beautiful person in and out. These photos are amazing and a true reflection of her.

  2. Chris Fuste says:

    Oh MY GOSH!! Amazing!! Amy is an amazing soul and she deserves to be pampered and have a collection of photos that capture her beauty!

  3. Colleen Bollinger says:

    Wow! These pictures capture the beauty we see in Amy every day! Amy is such a beautiful person inside and out and now she has a glimpse of that essence she shares with all of us each and every day! Beautiful pictures, Jennifer!

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