Esperanza Unveil your Cinderella

Meet Esperanza, the beautiful soul whose smile could launch a thousand ships!  The twinkle in her eyes reveals a joy that radiates from deep within.

The language barrier did not prevent us from creating portraits that filled Esperanza with joy!  She cannot wait to share these with her mother back in Guatemala.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall when her Momma sees these for the first time!

There’s something so special about a Momma receiving portraits of her baby girl!  Especially when she’s working so hard hundreds of miles away!

May your joy always be so visible through this life Esperanza!

  1. Esperanza Lopez says:

    Mrs. Jennifer I wanted to thank you, for rhe wondwrful work you did with me, you are a such a nice person very special to me, for US, IM SO EXITED to share the pictures with my beloved ones, specially with my mom 😉
    Thank you for your kind words.
    God bless you and your familly, and God keeps giving you wisdon to keep creating memories for ever.
    Thanks Again.

  2. Irka Pereira says:

    A beautiful way to portray beauty from the outside just as much like the one from the inside! great job!

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