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JDP senior model video shoot 2019

It was time for our 4th annual JDP senior model video shoot!  This marks a tradition we began to record our models together as a culmination to their time in the JDP senior model program.  We hire Wise Films to document our time and they’ve been awesome to work with each time.  We have two videos on Youtube–click here to see first one and here to see second one.  This time however, weather was jamming us up.  Both Sundays we had scheduled as a main date and a rain date, rained hard all day.  So we altered course and took our video shoot to Thunderhead Bowling Alley and then to Plum Crazy for sundaes. May consider an alternative plan for next year to try and avoid the weather issues.  Interested to learn more about our JDP senior portrait offerings–just click here! 


These guys stepped up to the plate and rocked out the changes to our plans like a boss!  And, not to mention this took place on Mother’s Day!  We even had one of our JDP jr. models join us (she just happens to have twin brothers in the JDP senior model program as well so it was a family affair for the Barber kids!  We even created a mother/senior portrait for our moms who were so gracious to give up their Mother’s Day for their kids…is there anything else that speaks better of the love of a mother?

I was so excited for the JDP senior models to get a copy of our newest JDP senior magazine in their hands–featuring their portraits from their senior session and their model shoots!  It was so cool to see how they cheered one another on celebrated each other’s featured portraits.  One JDP senior model has been dubbed “Magazine” by some of the girls!

Last portrait coverage of the night as we wound up–in the rain in front of Plum Crazy with Dylan and Tori showing off one of their featured portraits in the magazine!  Love this moment and what we have created together this last season!  Interested in learning more about our JDP senior portraits, click here! 


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