John & Jessica -

John & Jessica

Meet John and Jessica, brother and sister born just one month apart, virtual twins who have been there for each other every step of the way in life.  Their bond is readily apparent to anyone who spends time with them and such a treasure for their mom and dad and all who love them.  Click here to reach out about custom portraits of your teens. 

I have the privilege of stepping inside a lot of families and seeing two teenagers get along with so much laughter, encouragement, kindness and tenderness is a precious and rare jewel indeed.  This blog will feature John and Jess’s beautiful selves together and solo.  Tomorrow we will feature them in blog focused on their love of rock climbing and squash.

These two have been pretty inseparable from the start.  John and Jess started out in pre-school together, but John’s natural guardian role of looking out for Jess meant he would answer for her and no one would ever hear a peep out of Jess.  This often happens with twins, so it was decided it was best to have them in different schools.  Currently they have just wrapped up their sophomore year of high school at Boys’ Latin and Bryn Mawr.

John and Jess were playful with one another and eager to try and make one another laugh throughout their portrait time.  When I consider all that awaits them through this life, it’s awesome to know the bond they share will carry them through all they celebrate, debate, mourn, contemplate and share.  What a blessing indeed that is to have in your life!


Tune in tomorrow for John & Jess’s sports coverage to be featured on our blog!

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