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JDP senior Addyson

This girl…meet JDP senior Addyson who embodies a rare bundle of wit, beauty, comedy and grit.  Addyson came to create with me and mark this special time in her life as a graduation gift.  She was such a joy and radiated strength combined with her beauty that made for an awesome time in portrait creation.

She decided she wanted to lay in my pond for part of her portrait time…”are you sure,” I asked!  “Sure, no big deal, I’ve used to sitting in the creek on summer afternoons.”  Well, one surprise she hadn’t anticipated, but was a champ through, was the abundance of tadpoles that would squirm around her while she laid in the water!  She barely flinched and we all just kept cracking up while trying to stay focused on marking this beauty!  Addyson is the perfect blend of country and glamor; you’ll never find her without her nails done–whether she’s on the fields, at Starbucks, or in the creek!

We also created on her family farm where she’s created so many precious memories.  Her sweet guy Renno, who she is helping to train as an emotional support dog, was happy to join in.  Renno is Addyson’s constant companion; she jokes he’s a regular staple at Starbucks and Target!   Renno has a future helping people as they deal with PTSD and anxiety.   She knows first hand the benefits Renno can provide people after walking through her own brain surgery 2 years ago.

Two years ago, Addyson was suffering from continual migraines and her grades were plummeting.   Her mom knew something was wrong and was in the process of seeking medical help when Addyson blacked out on the lacrosse field.  They quickly learned that Addyson would require brain surgery.  Today she has a “zipperhead” scar in the center of the back of her skull.   Brain surgery meant she had to pull out of school, sports and life in general while she recuperated.  She homeschooled the remainder of her spring semester. Fortunately, her academic self recuperated with great success!

Trickiest part about recovering from a surgery like this is watching life go on without you in it.  Addyson, who had been a part of champion field hockey and lacrosse teams at Westminster High, was suddenly sidelined at home while the victories continued to mount for her team she longed to be a part of.  And that was just the sports component.   Social media allowed this glimpse into a life that she had been a part of, but no longer.  That’s crippling for anyone, but especially a teenager.  Addyson’s mom became her new best friend as she walked through her recovery.  They got matching tattoos and Addyson’s “warrior” tattoo was meant to be her daily reminder of the strength within her to face life’s challenges.

Addyson has plans to attend WVU this fall to pursue a career in nursing.  Her leaving is going to devastate her mom, but mom knows it’s for her best and will be cheering her on, tear stained, all the way!

How awesome to capture this gentle yet fierce, country chic soul in these fine art creations below.  She happened to bring this headpiece from her grandmother’s travels and it made the perfect accompaniment.

Never forget your warrior status dear one–the world is blessed by your spunk, your beauty, your wit and your humor!

  1. Melanie Morrison says:

    Simply beautiful and amazing story of an awesome young lady! The sky is the limit for you Addy! 💗 these pictures are soooo amazing!

  2. Bonnie Riddle Sarpalis says:

    That’s my beautiful, loving, courage, ornery, awesome great-niece!! Her beautiful, peaceful soul & heart are as big as the universe. She’s has brought great joy into this world and she has and will touch so many lives in a positive way!!! Addyson, one of God’s greatest Blessing!!! ❤️

  3. Sandy Beam says:

    What a beautiful story in words and photos. Thank you for sharing. 😘

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!

    This is my granddaughter. She has been through so much in her young life and always came out on top.

    She will always be a champion in no matter what she pursues in life

    Love her so much

  5. Jessica Dell says:

    Just amazing- absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you!

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