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Mi Familia

We told my mother & father-in-law that they were coming to sit for a portrait of the two of them.  They weren’t thrilled, but we told them, “we love you and we want to have this portrait of you always.”  They conceded.  What they didn’t know, was that I had a larger family composite portrait planned.  It was no small task to get the large DiDio family into my studio through the next several months, but we pulled it off and then I brought them all together to make this treasure for Joyce and Angelo DiDio.  And with 17 incredible grandchildren, I really wanted a collection of all the kids with superstar Andrew leading this pack as the oldest grandchild.  We could not ask for a better leader for this crazy crew!  Andrew leads his siblings and cousins with humor, grace, kindness and steadfastness that we all cherish as he works to pass this on to each one of them!


Gifting day with the grands!



  1. Gramma says:

    no one word can express this portrait.
    Because you have also accomplished something for this family, and know how meaningful it is,
    WUNDERBAR…..is my only definition of this portrait.

    Every word in this translation is perfect::

  2. Judy Myers says:

    Joyce and Ange, these portraits represent all the years of love you gave the kids and they so gently passed onto all the grankids. Each so much a part of the DiDio family and yet so individual in their own way. For our daughter to have been so lovingly held in this family all these years and have Chris as our son in law has been a blessing. I love she has returned the blessings to you with these portraitures that I know you hold dear for a long time to come.

  3. Michelle says:

    I can’t even begin to express the love we have for this amazing family. We have been welcomed in the DiDio family with such love and grace. In a state where we have no blood family here, they have made us feel like we were one of them- even so much as Joyce referring to Kai as #18. It can be hard to be away from family, but they’ve made it easier. This tribute to them is wonderful and so fitting for this family. All lead by Ang and Joyce who give so much love to everyone. This is beautiful Jen!

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