Arms full of love -

Arms full of love

Any mom of boys knows that capturing the portrait above is nothing short of a miracle.  Boys typically have two gears…all on or all off.  Jamie’s 4 year old twin boys were no exception.  They came to studio full of energy and smiles.  They were ready to play, give hugs and dance–perfect for portraits!   Click here to chat about your own custom portrait experience.

Braxton and Kaleb share that special twin bond that intrigues everyone who meets them.  They know just how to make each other laugh, how to comfort when sad and how to do life together in a way that keeps their mommy in smiles.  When they saw Jamie with her hair done they kept saying, “Your hair looks so pretty Mommy, I yike it!”  (we’ve adopted that childhood inability to say “L’s” around the studio lately as well, so pardon us if we don’t sound as cute as they do!)

Click here if you’d like to chat about your own custom portrait experience! 

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