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JDP senior Sean

I’d like to entitle the above: “James Bond moment for JDP senior Sean”!  Like just about all guys, JDP senior Sean was not thrilled about coming for senior portraits.  I get it, I have three teenaged sons, boy do I get it!  Which is why I also know that the portrait time must tag into the things they love in life, so they will partner with me to create memorable and unique portraits they will love.  Click here if you’d like to message us about your own custom senior portrait experience!

I’ve known the Sheehy’s for years but haven’t seen Sean as much over the last few years since our boys no longer play soccer together.  Our families have always had a blast together so I knew once Sean warmed to the idea of portraits we’d have a blast and that we did!  I learned that Sean is most at home in the great outdoors and knew that’s where his session focus needed to be.  Amy was so thrilled to see how excited Sean was to be able to include jet skiing in his session.  As a mom, she gets it and wanted this to be special for her boy!  She saw the possibilities and brought him along for the dream she had for his portraits!


His home away from home is at the cottage near Deep Creek his family bought about 8 years ago.  It’s a whole other world out there and the Sheehy’s were eager for me to join them there to enjoy their getaway and create Sean’s portraits there.  The pace of life is slower, the woods seem to wrap you in their quiet rhythm of life and encourage you to fall in step.  For the Sheehy’s, like most families, this means quite a bit of deceleration from daily life patterns and demands.

Dan has worked tirelessly to fix up the cottage and make it a home away from home for his family and friends.  It’s a come one, come all approach there.  Sean and his sister Bridget have made incredible memories with their own friends as well, boating, kayaking, jet skiing, wake boarding, sitting around the fire, eating on the back deck that over looks the water.  They just can’t get enough!  Dan’s trying to figure out how he can navigate the steep pitch from the house to the water as he gets older because he never wants to leave there.  (love that the leather chair above was purchased with Dan’s first bonus check in the start up of his career!)

We also ventured out to Cucumber Falls for part of my stay to see the water fall.  Bridged joined Sean for a few minutes of portrait time.  It was no easy feat climbing into the falls with gear and water spraying everywhere, but we managed to pull it off!  Click here if you’d like to message us about your own custom senior portraits!


Sean attends Delone Catholic and loves the small family like feel to his school of 400 where he also plays soccer.  Strong contrast to where he would have gone–Westminster High.

Sean is an old soul in a young man’s body, so it makes sense that he would thrive in the atmosphere fostered at Delone.  He knows the value of hard work and he shakes his head at idiotic behavior that often characterizes teenagers.  I see in Sean the hope for our country.  He carries himself with an assurance of where he comes from and where he’s going in this life.  His family support network is strong and the base from which he draws this inspiration and vision for his future.

Over the course of my time with the Sheehy’s I dropped a Andy Griffith show reference and then said, “wait, Sean you won’t know that reference.”  To which Sean replied, “Andy Griffith show-I watch that everyday!”  Wait, what!?!  Sean’s got a great sense of humor, so I assumed he was joking.  Nope, the pace of life time in Mayberry resonates strongly with Sean and his dad.  They share that and it looks like they always will, along with their love of life in the mountains.  Dan had a vision for that and it’s what compelled him all those years ago to move forward with a cottage for his family.  He knew they’d make their most precious memories there and it certainly appears they are doing exactly that!

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