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JDP seniors Grant & Garrett

Meet JDP seniors Grant & Garrett, twins who epitomize the best we share about farm life in Carroll County.  They are farm strong, kind, hard working and gracious.  They share a very special bond that is going to make graduation day very hard for their mom and dad.  These two are their only kids and where one goes, so does the other, so empty nest will likely be happening all at once and my forecast predicts many tears.  Click here if you’d like to know more about your own custom senior portraits.

Having twins, I’m sensitive to the joys and challenges faced by this unique relationship.  These two seem mostly to know the joys of the bond they share.  They are clearly best friends, have each other’s back through the thick and thin of life and are each other’s fiercest defenders.  They saved to buy their truck together from their jobs at Pritts and Oakmont Green and sharing it is their pride.  There were so many little catches that were endearing as I watched them to create their portraits.  Helping each other out along the way, over and over again.

Grant and Garrett have vested deeply into farm life where they raise their 4H pigs and grow pumpkins and corn.  When they aren’t working the farm or their jobs, you’ll find them all in on the lacrosse and football fields at Manchester Valley High.  They love the camaraderie built amongst their teams and being pushed on to achieve on the field.  Recruiters have begun to check them out for potential college play for lacrosse, which sounds pretty cool to them.

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Their parents fought hard to have them and then get them home healthy and safe after a premature delivery at 32 weeks.   They went home on heart monitors and oxygen to very eager but anxious parents. It appears their shared time in the NICU solidified the bond they share today.  Marci calls them her miracle babies.  The 3 minutes that separated their birth seems to be the longest these two are apart.  When you see Grant, you are likely to see Garrett and that’s just how they like it!  I joked that it would be awesome if they met a pair of twins for future wives! 😉

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