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JDP senior Taylor

Meet JDP senior Taylor.  We had a blast creating her portraits and got soaking wet and muddy all at the same time! This cheerleader didn’t mind one bit!  Click here to inquire about your own custom JDP senior portrait experience.

Taylor was brave and didn’t bat an eye when I suggested going into the water.  Behind that quiet smile is a sense of adventure and a glimmer in her eyes that suggests she wants to seek out the possibilities that lie just outside her comfort zone.

This season we began live butterfly releases with some of our JDP seniors and plan to create a little video highlighting them. Look for Taylor in that video this winter and we have invited her into our JDP senior model program as well!

We actually began Taylor’s portrait time in studio, following her styling time.  We always start in studio where we can control the elements that outdoors does not allow for.  We brace ourselves for the humidity, the heat, and the bugs that characterize a Maryland summer after the luxury of studio time.

Taylor was our first client to create with the gold wings that so perfectly complemented the gold dress she chose from our studio wardrobe!

We wish you all the best at this start of your senior year Taylor!!

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