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JDP senior Austin

“OMG…love it!!!  I can’t thank you enough for making that session better than I ever expected.  I knew you would make it good and get some amazing shots but you really nailed it with him.  Most importantly, he was happy so that made me happy.”  This was the message I rec’d from JDP Austin’s mom after she received her sneak peek.  Click here to chat about your own custom senior portraits.

Austin, like most guys who come for the pre-consult, was less than thrilled about the prospects of creating portraits.  However, mom knew she wanted to have her kids captured in ways that would melt her heart and capture them doing what they love.  Austin is an amazing kid who lives and breathes football and his sister Gianna is a dancer and athlete.   I created portraits for Gianna last year celebrating her love of dance.  

And mom knew she wanted her portraits to tell the story of her son and daughter as she’s watched them grow into the amazing young adults they are becoming.  The son who comes to give her a hug after every football game, the son who can be counted on to be the man he’s been raised to be, the son who is going to leave a giant hole in the family when he’s away at school…this is what she wants to remember when she’s missing him. 

Austin plays football for Littlestown High, a tiny school with a team that offers inclusion in a brotherhood that feels like home.  He plays the offensive line, center and middle line backer.  His love of football started in first grade and has never diminished.  In fact, it’s part of why he has recently stopped playing baseball for highschool, because track & field allows him to focus on a lifting schedule in the spring that supports his football development.

Austin also shares a family tradition with his dad and grandfather of going away for a week to hunt.  Time spent in the quiet of the woods, where demands of daily life just melt away, offers a rejuvenation that he looks forward to every year.

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I learned during his session that Austin is a collector and a bit of a day trader in hats and shoes.  This piece below is going to be the lid to his legacy box of fine art prints that you will very soon be on display in the Grelli household!

Austin had no idea what he was getting himself into for his senior portraits…he had no idea he’d be soaked in a waterfall in football gear and climbing trees, but if there’s one thing I know about boys, it’s that keeping them actively engaged is always a good thing and makes for portraits they love as well!

Had such a blast with this cool kid!  Thanks for being such a great sport and making us laugh through the whole session Alec Baldwin…I mean Austin! 😉  Click here to reach out about your own custom senior portrait experience.

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