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JDP senior Jordan

JDP senior Jordan and her mom brought a lot of experience to her portrait time.  Jordan is recently a signed model so  in the development phase, which lasts typically 6-9 months.  So far she’s had her (3) full day shoots in New York to almost complete her portfolio for her agent to market her for modeling jobs. Casting calls have begun although she still has one more portfolio shoot to complete.  Typically casting calls don’t start until you have completed your development shoots, so this is an early exciting development.

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So naturally I asked what brought them to me since Jordan has a very impressive collection of photos with amazing outfits and hair style changes.  Mom explained they were splitting their desire for senior portraits.  Mom wanted more fine art pieces and underwater of Jordan to adorn her walls, while also hoping to have some pieces that could be added to her portfolio.  Jordan wanted portraits with things that were important to her, her dog, her jeep, surfboard…

As soon as they explained I knew exactly where they were coming from.  The model’s job is to conform to the vision for the product the artist envisions.  It has nothing to do with your personal desires.  So they wanted her senior portraits to be a reflection of who Jordan is, with a focus on more fine art for wall pieces.

Jordan is a senior at FSK and loves her school and the family like environment.  She’s a part of helping to make that happen with her role on the executive board.  She plays basketball as a center and says modeling and basketball are the greatest uses of her 6’2 height!  

Jordan’s dog Finley was so excited to be a part of her portraits and he just climbed right up into her jeep and made himself right at home! Jordan’s love for Finley is big and he couldn’t be happier about that!  Click here to chat about your own custom senior portraits.

Jordan is very acquainted with the rigorous day modeling requires.  She’s proving herself to be very versatile and records beautifully on land and underwater!  Her first casting call was for a Dyson blowdryer.  Only time will tell as she’s very early in this journey, but she transforms her look incredibly!  I wish you all the best Jordan and can’t wait to see where this modeling journey lands you!  Shoot me a text when you are on the beaches of Fiji! 😉

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